so previously i had blogged about my brand new iphone being stolen a month into signing up for a 2 year (!!!!) contract. then sadly for whatever reason we had a dispute with mtn who said we hadn’t taken out insurance for the phone but couldn’t find the paperwork to prove it!!!! being the fabulous customer service operators that they are in this country we practically stood on our heads but nothing happened except for a few smashed heads against brick walls (namely mine & my husbands) and well 2 years later i have FINALLY finished paying for a phone i had the luxury of using for one month.

by tuesday this week i was besides myself with excitement at the thought of eventually getting my paws on a new iphone 5. since mobiles came out i have always been lucky enough to be one of the first to be flashing around the latest & greatest. in london i was able to upgrade every year (for free!!!) to whatever the latest model was – i got very used to this…. so let’s just say these past 2 years have been rather stressful. i was lucky enough to have a friend loan me her old iphone 3…. & whilst i am EXTREMELY grateful for her doing this, the phone itself had already taken a hammering as she is known to be a yabbermouth & well then passed onto me… yabbermouth number 2…. it really had no hope at all…. the poor thing would just shut itself down at any given opportunity… probably from shear exhaustion! having said that the fact that this phone is still functioning, albeit at a fraction of its original capability, should be an advert for the brilliance that is the iphone!!!!

anyhow…. long story short my husband sorts out my new contract – this time with cell-c as we are keen to rid ourselves of mtn. unfortunately i was declined as i have no credit history in this country so my husband had to sign for it.

thrilled with this gorgeous little thing, i am bang on it & start nagging my husband to swap the phones over etc.. (he is the techi one in the family… i have no idea… which will probably become quite evident once you have finished reading this blog!!!!) as soon as possible…. i.e. before he goes to work…. which being the fabulous guy he is, he does…. but for some or other reason everything comes across onto the new phone except my music. of course i complain about this – he tells me there’s nothing he can do right now as he is late for work – it’ll have to wait till the evening. oh how i wish i had inherited the patience gene (having said that both my mom & my dad are extremely impulsive so i’m not sure who i could have inherited it from in the first place but it would have been helpful in my life…. ho-hum) so i start tinkering with the phone to see if i can’t get my music sorted out after all my life is music & well i just couldn’t imagine even a day without it.

next thing i find myself on itunes & there it tells me i can actually re-download all my previous purchases (a few thousand songs!!!) & well to me this sounds like a brilliant option – that way i get all my music  & well i don’t have to bug hubby about it again – so i hit that little download button….. & pretty much sink my ship!!!!

what i failed to realise was that all was well whilst i was downloading at home as we have wi-fi…. but of course the minute i leave my house the little contraption jumps onto ‘3G’ & well bob’s your uncle…. IT’S NO LONGER FREE!!!!!! yip…. you see where this is going???? you see in south africa there is no such thing as a flat rate & unlimited calls / data…. oh no…. you pay for every minute & definitely ever mb/gb as i was about to find out in quite an alarming way!

off i waltz…. out the door…. not giving anything another moments thought…. into the great outdoors which will now enable me to start hemorrhaging money to the tune of R3500! that’s right, you heard me, R3500!!!!!! (approx £300!!!!)…. the only small mercy (well actually it’s probably a big mercy) is that they have a cap on my account at R3500 otherwise i could have easily gone to R10 000!!!!!

so 3pm of the first day of owning my new phone with my new contract & i get a phone call telling me that i have reached the end of my monthly limit & would i like to increase it!!!???

let’s just say our home was not the most pleasant place to be last night. my husband is convinced i am not firing on all cylinders at the moment & was pretty much ready to roast me since obviously the amount is deducted from his account.

he called cell-c immediately to reduce my ‘cap’ to R100 (over my monthly amount) & then proceeded to dis-enable my phone to such a degree it seems i can’t even access our own wi-fi at home at the moment…..

definitely not one of my brightest moments!