thick as thieves

thick as thieves

the woman who works behind the counter at our local ‘seven eleven’ is most definitely not someone you would like to bump into in a dark alley… or a light one for that matter! having said that, judging by the characters that loiter around that seven eleven, i’m not surprised the owner hired her…. a buxom mama to say the least! so the first time she didn’t give me my 5cents change when purchasing an item for R29,95  & i handed over R30, i decided not to say anything for fear of her actually detaching my head from my body or mouthing me off just didn’t seem worth it. thing is, as a rule, i don’t go to our seven eleven as the place is a total rip off – as if paying woolworths prices weren’t daylight robbery enough, well going to the seven eleven you might as well remortgage along the way.

anyhow, as life sometimes works, one finds oneself milkless on a sunday evening & well then there is no choice but to face the hulk of a mama behind the seven eleven counter…. except this time i was pretty irritated myself by having to make the excursion in the first place so when she once again returned no change when there was 10cents due i pointed this out to her. oh, she said in her belligerent & booming voice (always great when there are other customers to now pay attention to your humiliation at the hands of this battleship!!!) followed on by an equally condescending (& once again BOOMING) IT’S ONLY 10CENTS!!!! yes, i said, i know it is ‘only 10cents’ BUT it is my 10cents & i want it!!!! she then proceeded to tell me that no-one wants the copper change…. it’s worthless. (oh the irony of this statement coming from a woman who probably resides in a shack in khayelitsha (a local township) or similar!) she heaved & sighed & rolled her eyes at another woman standing behind the counter & then proceeded to tell me she couldn’t open her till until there was another transaction. i told her i would wait. she was not pleased. i was ready to put any kung-fu skills i might have learned over the years into practice but i figured that a) i didn’t know any kung-fu & well b) even if i did it would take more than kung-fu to disarm this bulk so instead i moved aside calmly until the next paying customer appeared.

the thing i found so incredible was her totally condescending & almost mocking attitude towards me. yes, sure, it was ‘only’ 10cents – but it’s MY FRIGGIN 10CENTS & well has she never heard the saying drowned into us by our grandparents ‘look after the pennies & the pounds will take care of you’!!!!???? honestly, i could have slam-dunked her…. except i probably would have come off a seriously injured second best!

i found out a day later that i am not alone in my ‘feeling like i am being stolen from’ attitude. standing in the queue at ‘raiths german deli’ in the garden centre i found myself behind two, what i took to be, japanese tourists / students collecting & paying for their food order. the same thing happens to them…. i mean what is it…. national f*cking steal from the public week!!!????? the japanese girl, whilst poor on english was pretty quick off the bat to question where her change was. of course having just experienced this daylight robbery myself the day before, my ears perked up. firstly the woman behind the counter feigned misunderstanding as the japanese girl was attempting in broken english to question the thieving weasel. once again i witnessed this condescending, mocking attitude being exhibited  & my kung-fu skills (or lack of) were being roused again! the queue was growing & the japanese girl was not letting up (love this girl!) & the pressure was growing so the thieving weasel had to eventually relent & open the till to retrieve the correct change for this girl. once again done with a huge sigh, eyes rolling at all her colleagues behind the counter etc… but she actually went one step further & mocked the girl…. sadly i didn’t understand the language but it was quite clear what was being said & they all sniggered. seriously if this were a movie i would have jumped on the counter & slammed her head into the bowl of german potato salad…. but sadly this is not a movie!

so i have learned three things this week (& it’s only tuesday!!!)…

1) i will now be counting ALL my change & god help you if you short change me

2) i will be learning kung-fu

3) this place can make you very aggressive (actually i already knew that one!!!)