honestly our day couldn’t have gone worse (of course this is not true but you get the picture…) & as a result we ended up being late for the pre-drinks for our friends birthday party. in fact not only were we late, we actually completely missed the ‘pre-drinks’ & well this was not a good thing…..

you see our friend had booked tickets for a group of us to go & watch ‘the rocky horror picture show’…. i would be lying if i said i was completely thrilled by the idea, after all, in my books there is a very fine line between the brilliance that is tim curry & well…. trash! having watched the video at least a hundred times as a kid (it was forbidden in the house which of course made it just that much more delectable) i pretty much knew every line / lyric to boot & spent my teenage years worshipping the carnage that was transsexual transylvania.

so to put it mildly i did not have high hopes for the night ahead & decided the only practical way forward was to knock back a tequila or ten at pre-drinks that way ensuring anything that followed would either be hilarious or completely forgotten….. this however was not meant to be. i all but got on my knees to beg the barman to show some mercy but it turns out they’d seen my type before & well it was not to be. in fact at this stage they were actually closing the theatre doors (mental note: i need to invest in a hipflask!). evidently the gods had decided that i would be the only person stone-cold sober trying to sit through what could only be deemed as a HORROR SHOW.

and so we shuffled along to find our seats with our already seated & quite liquored up friends (aaaarrrggghhhh). once we eventually settled into our seats & dealt with a few people complaining about the size of my husband’s & my head-dresses (you HAVE to dress up) we removed the said head-dresses & started to take in the beauty that is the ‘fugard theatre’. what a gorgeous theatre. i fell in love with it instantly. really magical & just perfectly formed. so that lightened my mood but only ever so slightly…. the thought of the impending doom of some fake drag queen trying to entertain sober me for the evening just evoked impending doom & a need for the friggin hipflask!

how WRONG could i have been!!!!

truly, & i kid you not, within 10 minutes of the show starting my spirit had lifted higher than any tequila could have taken me & well we laughed the entire way through. it was brilliant.

the acting was world-class. frank n furter was beyond brilliant & the pitch was just perfect…. saucy enough to create gasps from the audience but classy & brilliant enough to make it an extremely professional show. i actually never even caught myself once comparing them to the original cast. each actor really seemed to own their own character.

i’m not going to give too much away but let’s just say it is a MUST for everyone. you will not regret it! i for one have already booked a second viewing…. however this time i plan to be in time for the bar! 😉

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